Consulting Services

We don’t know what we don’t know. You might feel there’s no need to adopt latest technology because…
you believe your operations are running fine with your current technology. Most of the small and medium business are not using the right technology or software tools to automate their business process due to the following reasons.

Unaware about the tool or software
The business requirement is unique. Hence, the software which are available in the market is unable to meet the requirement.
The business needs a software built for its unique requirement but don’t know how to build it
Today, coding or building software is simple and affordable. However, analyzing the business requirements and identifying the right technology to build the software makes the software development expensive for small and medium companies. We make both simple and inexpensive
We provide the following consulting services

Study the business and identify the functions which can be automated by applying the technology
Identify on-premises and cloud-based solutions
Propose the solution with ROI
It used to be that to have the most advanced technology, small and medium businesses would have to invest in the same expensive hardware as large companies. Now with cloud technology, small businesses pay for cloud-based versions of those same enterprise-level capabilities based on what they use, making it incredibly affordable. The example is our cloud tele calling software.