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Tele calling Software

No more manual dialing. Oxyvin Dialer is an auto dialer which can be hosted on your server or on our server…

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Billing Software

Multi Branch and Multi User GST Billing Application Software. User friendly, on-cloud or on-premise application…

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HRM Software

Human Resource Management software with payroll feature is the complete HRM solution…

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Lead Gen Software

Lead Generation Tool is a sales and marketing automation tool. Many startups are…

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Software Development

We have a small group of developers who love new technologies, coding, and business analysis…

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Server and Networking

Whether you have a small business with no IT expertise, or a growing midsize company…

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Consulting Services

We don’t know what we don’t know. You might feel there’s no need to adopt latest technology because…

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Tele calling services

Our tele calling service is the idle solution for the companies who would like to outsource their tele calling…

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Our Concerns

We are a group of people trying to solve problems. The problems can be anything. We try to provide cost-effective and result-oriented solutions. As per World Health Organisation (WHO), Indoor air pollution kills a million people every year in India. This can be solved by keeping live plants indoor.

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recommended indoor air purifying plants.

80% of startups fail and unfortunately 47% of startups fail because of poor market study.

Companies meet Recruitment Agencies. A platform where companies hire staffing agencies.


Fr.Prince Chakkalayil

Oxyvin helped us to automate our billing process and accounts. They developed our website, mobile app, live video broadcasting. We appreciate their simplicity and quality.

Fr.Prince Chakkalayil - Renewal Retreat Centre
Mr. Prince

They helped us to automate our calling process. Our tele callers were dialing the numbers manually.Now, their auto dialer dials the numbers and get the call connected to callers. Productivity has been increased very well.