Tele calling Documentation

Auto Dialer with Unified communication system

No more manual dialing! Oxyvin Dialer automates dialing, sending SMS and emails

Brief Description

  • Companies upload their call list to Dialer
  • Tele callers log onto dialer using their mobile phone
  • Dialer dials the number automatically from Agents phone and shows the details about the calling party.
  • Call gets connected.
  • Agents fill the details about the call (follow-ups, call remainders, feedbacks and notes) on their mobile screen once the call is terminated.
  • Agents can also send sms and emails to the called party.
  • The agents can log on to dialer from anywhere using their mobile phone
  • Dialer gives complete reports about calls and agent’s performance

Product Description

Make Call App:-

  • Secure login for employee/ Tele callers
  • Automated call Dialing
  • Ready and pause option
  • Set follow up option
  • Select and Send message After every call
  • Call history listing
  • Detailed view of the Customer
            Customer information
            Previous call information
            Previous message information

Control Panel:-


  • Secure login for admin , managers /team leadersOption to create Users
  • Create managers/ Team leaders
  • Create users/ Tele Callers
  • Update user information’s
  • Change user password’s

    Upload Data
  • Upload Bulk Data
  • Upload individual Data
  • Individual data Search and Updating option
  • Delete dataData Distribution
  • Type (New Data, Follow Up Data, Random)
  • State, course, college, Year Of Pass Out (Examples)
  • SMS Template Creation , Update And Delete
  • College Details Creation , Update And Delete (This is an example, can be customized based on your requirement)
  • Course Details Creation, Update And Delete (This is an example, can be customized based on your requirement)Detailed Call Log
  • Search with Date
  • Search with Employee name
  • Search with Data / Lead Name
    Detailed Data/ Lead History
  • Contact Details
  • Detailed Call Log
  • Message Log
  • Follow Up Message
  • Customer Feedback



User Management

Add New User

Data Distribution To Tele Callers  

Type of data, State, Course, college, year of pass out

Upload Data, Bulk Upload Data

Update Individual Data




Call Log

Detailed View Of Student/ Lead Data

User Password change and logout

Agent Mobile Application

Live demo

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